01 A proven
design process

At Exobotic we use a straightforward design and development approach where we first identify the needs and requirements of the customer. In collaboration with the customer we propose a set of solutions which suite these predetermined criteria as good as possible.
Afterwards, the key hurdles are analyzed, selected and organized based on their type (e.g., electronic design, mechanical design, software, ...) and estimated development/production time. These work packages are then assigned to and managed by a set of experienced engineers.
They will ensure a flawless integration by thoroughly evaluating and testing all the components and regularly asking for the necessary feedback.


Together with the customer we identify the requirements and difficulties of the application at hand.

After thoroughly analyzing the acquired information we present an overview with the possibilities.

During the development/implementation phase we will regularly ask for feedback on the current state in order to guaranty a seamless integration.

ROS Enabled

02 State-of-the-art

All our Exobots™ are designed to be fully autonomous. Based on state-of-the-art sensors, mapping, processing, machine learning and control technologies our robots can navigate safely and robustly. By using physically realistic simulation tools most navigation strategies can be tested before actually moving a robot. Thanks to the highly community supported Robot Operating System (ROS), switching between a simulator and the Exobot™ is made easy.
Exobotic Technologies employs a group of highly motivated engineers and researchers with experience both in the academic and industrial automation world.

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